Friday, 2 August 2013

A new weapon.

After last night's rain the sun came out.  The wind has not dropped, but it is warm wind.

We are still waiting for the helicopter to come and spray the bracken.  This is some of the bracken we are targeting this summer on the in-bye.

Farmer has a new weapon to use himself though.  It arrived today.  It is called a weed wiper and is a very efficient way of treating the bracken.  It works by contact rather than spraying, so is more controllable.  You can raise or lower the drum according to how long the bracken is, and what is underneath it - so that you only kill the bracken. Obviously he can only kill bracken using this contraption in areas where he can drive the quad with this towing along behind it.

Wind blown heather behind the steading.

The clouds over Ben More from the Reudle cairn this evening were dramatic.

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