Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The last walk and sunset of July.

A walk at 6 in the evening into the 'New Field' to look at how much grass there was and also to look for Grass of Parnassus.  Every summer we wonder if we might be able to cut this field for silage, but it never grows very tall, so every summer we decide not to.  The wild flowers are interesting though, as there are lots of differing habitats within the fence.  Damper areas with bog myrtle, bearded willow, meadow sweet, bog asphodel in amongst the clover thick grasses and drier flowers such as lady's bedstraw, ling heather, harebell and the lovely elegant Grass of Parnassus which is no grass at all.  

On hearing Farmer's voice, the cattle gathered by the gate thinking they might get moved into a new field - even though there is plenty of grass where they are.

There was not a breath of wind, the sea was still, and the air silent.  Bees were enjoying the wild honeysuckle, some growing on a rocky outcrop, safe from grazers.

Bladder campion is going over now, their drying pods making tulip like silhouettes, as the rocks on which they grow are drying out from lack of rain.

In a damper corner, a slug enjoys the harebell.

And on another rock-top, the left over limpet shell from a sea-bird's dinner, surrounded by lady's bedstraw.

The bog cotton seed is spreading across the field too, catching on the willow and Devil's Bit Scabious.

The Ragwort has found a safe place to grow.  Difficult to get at this lot to stop it going to seed.

And later... another wonderful sunset.

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