Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bog Orchids and bracken bashing

Jamie came over to give Farmer a hand to put the cattle through the crush, so they could get a fly and tick repellent treatment.  Farmer can do this on his own, but it is always easier to have someone else to help.

Farmer was bracken cutting when Jamie arrived.  This is a never ending job. We are still waiting for the helicopter to turn up to spray some more bracken for us. 

This bullock was one of the first through the crush.

Here the next in line is approaching the head of the crush. Her head will be locked into position so that Jamie can apply the repellent in 2 places on her back.

Prasad took me up on to the hill above the lochan to show me the tiny Bog Orchid.  They are so beautiful and really very small.

One evening we cycled at Croig.

And caught the sunset on the way home.

One of the jobs needing to be finished off is clearing up the wool, after shearing.  The bags need to be sown up and labelled.  The belly wool is bagged separately from the fleeces, and the brown Zwartble wool is also separated - we fear it will be considered worthless by the Wool Marketing Board.

It is lovely to see the hill changing colour as the heather flowers.

Clover is beginning to die off now, but there is still plenty of colour in the verge and on the hill. 

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