Thursday, 18 July 2013

the cloud has cleared

The shearers are coming on Monday. Tomorrow Farmer is doing the main hill gather with J from Dervaig, and Jamie from up the road.  They are starting at 6am, as Jamie has silage to make tomorrow on another farm.  This was all arranged before they saw the weather forecast, but given it is so hot now, it is good they are going out before it gets too hot.  It is hard on the dogs in the heat. 

Farmer took the scissors to Cap yesterday, so he should be feeling a bit cooler.  This afternoon he needed to do the 'back gather' to bring in the ewes and lambs who don't get picked up in the main gather.  As he walked beyond the Sitheans on a side of the hill looking over to Reudle, with the dogs, he was surrounded in a cloud of Magpie moths.  Later I went back with him to see them.  They seem to hide deep in the heather or bracken until disturbed by the likes of us walking through. 

I walked home over the hill, through some wonderfully boggy bits with these glistening sundews.

And erratic spider webs.

The in bye fields are filling up with the sheep who still need to be sheared.  They will be glad to lose their wool as it is very hot.

The lochan is so much fuller now, even though we think it has a small leak or two.

I apologise, I wasnt going to post more flowers, but the light this evening before the sun set was beautiful and I couldnt resist going down there to take a few more photographs...

Moon rise over the Haunn cottages.

Farmer was also delighted, during his gather, to come across a covey of 5 grouse.  He hasnt seen any for 2 years, so it was really nice to see.
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