Thursday, 25 July 2013

Putting the trap out.

We have a moth recorder staying on the farm this week, and she very kindly set our trap last night and spent most of her morning identifying what we trapped.

These are the moths she identified:

Garden Tiger
Purple bar
Dark Arches
Burnished Brass
Northern spinach
True lovers knot
Antler moth
Poplar Hawk moth
Green Arches
Scalloped oak
Smoky wainscott
Flame shoulder
Triple spotted clay
Straw dot
Archers dart
Bright line brown eye
Inggrailed clay
Dotted clay
Lesser yellow underwing
Middle barred minor

Thank you Helen!

PS: Prasad has not recorded Middle barred minor before, so that is a first for Treshnish.

Prasad went along to look at the moths later and spotted a GREY (a national rarity) that we hadn't identified earlier, so that was an exciting addition to the list!

A specimen of the Grey  was collected from Treshnish the first summer we were here, and is in the National History Museum in London.

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