Monday, 19 August 2013

Lifeboat Day, and back to work on Monday.

Sunday was Lifeboat Day in Tobermory and we had to drop a friend of Daughter off to take part, so were there from beginning to end.

We had coffee at CafeFish as they were opening up before Lifeboat Day started. The smells coming from the kitchen were amazing, and the view from each window was delightful.

One of the raft race entries.  This one from the Council. At the other end, a sign said No Dumping.

Along the seafront a robin sings its heart out on Loch Duich.

I took a very short trip with Sealife Surveys across to Calve Island, to look at seals and on the way back we came past this waterfall and the little painted boats.

The fire brigade team won the adult race.  They then dowsed everyone else.

It was a great occasion, and hopefully raised much money for the RNLI!

Back to work today, and Farmer tackled the ragwort in the Graveyard field.  Our main silage field this year is the one directly below the house.  He wants to cut the graveyard field as well and cannot afford to leave ragwort standing, as it is poisonous in the silage. As the bracken mower is broken he has been pulling ragwort by hand to stop it going to seed. The graveyard (Kilmaluaig) is barely visible under the Rosebay willowherb and bracken.

Nice to see lots of Marsh Woundwort growing in the field.

Not the best activity for a Farmer with a bad back.

But satisfying.

The dogs enjoyed their afternoon, though Cap (left) doesn't venture far from the buggy given half the chance.

Farmer picked up a bag of sea plastic that we had collected earlier to put in the recycling.

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