Saturday, 17 August 2013

Spanner in the works.

It has been one of those days.  

This morning, Farmer needed to level the wood-chip as we are trying to use every last bit before we get another load, so that we can do some maintenence to the store.  In the process he discovered that parts of the floor are rotting through, because the flooring used does not seem to have been made using marine ply.. so the moisture in the chip has slowly been dampening and rotting the floor.  Replacing it will be a big job.

The orange flowers in the right hand corner of this photograph are the Bog Asphodel seed heads.

Then Farmer went off to cut some more bracken and the gear box on the mower went.  He came back to the farm and the final straw..

 ...was breaking his spanner doing this.  What was there left for the poor man to do?  He came for a walk with me to Haunn.

 It has been very windy today, so not very good for capturing flowers.

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