Thursday, 15 August 2013

Heads, hips and burns

Daughter and I skipped off for another holiday before the schools went back.  Farmer kept himself very busy in our absence.  He has been cutting bracken, topping thistles, mending things, preparing for silage making, cutting more bracken and pulling ragwort - to name just a few activities.

The weather has been a mixture of rain and sun over the last few weeks.  The fields are changing colour. Knapweed (hard-heads) and Devils Bit Scabious are flowering beside the heathers, studded with the beautiful Grass of Parnassus.  

The burns are running again. Coco was looking for mink, having found one here a few months ago.

Cap and Jan were trying to get away from Coco.

Farmer has been recycling engine oil from the tractors - protecting the wooden sheds and buildings about the place with it, mixed with a bit of creosote..

The Studio hips.

Loch na Keal.

Ragwort near Fishnish.

Apologies for the quality of all but the last 2 of the photos posted here, they were taken on my phone.

PS There are one or two vacancies at the end of August.
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