Wednesday, 8 June 2016

June 7th 2016 - #30DaysWild

I had to go to Craignure this evening for a meeting so I took the slightly slower route via Ulva Ferry to go and look at the Sea pinks again, at a lower tide than last time.  My wild time today was looking at the flowers, and thinking about the problems of Bracken, and how I will dedicate a whole Day of the #30DaysWild to it.. before the end of the month!

What a carpet of Sea pinks! 

What a handsome pair of Shelduck...

Looking back up Loch Tuath.   It had rained the tiniest amount before I set off and was spitting here - with a low cloud. 

On my way home from the meeting there was a haar rising, and the light on the Sound of Mull was wonderful. I saw the silhouette of an owl sitting on the wires with the pale pink light behind it.  The roads were wet, it had clearly rained quite a lot while we were indoors. 

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