Friday, 17 June 2016

June 17th 2016 #30DaysWild

In between taking photographs for my exhibition of tin sheds (and other things) in September, I have been exploring the machair and enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds of Lapwing, Corncrake (sound only), Oystercatcher, Redshank, Gannet, Wheatear, Short eared owl and several noisy chattering mini murmurations of Starlings.  The flowers are not as advanced as I thought they might be - given that at home things are far ahead of this time last year.  The machair felt very dry, and like Mull, lots of burnt patches where the soil is thinest.

I took the road to Loch Skiport and it was beautiful. I walked down to the old pier where a couple had been watching an otter who promptly disappeared when I appeared.  I watched a Hen Harrier and another Short eared owl.

Thrift on Traigh Baile, Eriskay.

The irises are flowering and their foliage is luxuriant.

There are lots of swan, this is one of a pair apparently with no babies.

Masses of Marsh cinque foil, a massive parch of it.  Ours haven't started flowering yet.

Yellow loosestrife.

The noisy Oystercatcher.

A distant glimpse at a Redshank.

And this evening the Water lilies..

A lovely day on the wild. 

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