Thursday, 16 June 2016

June 15th 2016 #30DaysWild

Today's walk on the wild side was the Mull & Iona Ranger Service walk held here at Treshnish - starting at the farm we walked along the track to Haunn seeing what plants we could see along the way, ending up in the Coronation Meadow. It is always rewarding to show people what is around - a chance to see the place through other people's eyes.

It is always really exciting to see the first Small white orchid in the Coronation Meadow, and today's one was very easy to spot, right by the track.  I hope no one picks it.

We walked down off the track into the lower field to see what we could see around the field drain.  It was so dry we actually walked down in the drain itself.  I didn't photograph it but it was lovely to see the Changing Forget-me-not - they are the most tiny and elegant flowers. 

Someone commented that they had too much Forget me not in their garden.

The ditch in the corner of the Haunn cottages garden is always good for a damp selection of plants.  Today the orchids are looking fantastic.  This one is a hybrid, and the flower head quite big compared to the Northern marsh orchids near by. 

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