Sunday, 5 June 2016

June 5th 2016 - #30DaysWild

This evening there was time for some wild time.   It has been a very hot day, so it was lovely to get outside for a walk along the cliff tops.

Now the sun has set and I have just seen an owl fly in to the trees beside the house, fly out and then come back again.  I think it was a Barn owl, but not sure, it could have been a Tawny.   We have Tawny, Barn and Short eared owls on the farm.

I put up a Snipe as I walked along the cliffs, and a Skylark pretended she was injured to distract me from getting too close to her nest site - it worked!

The Bog cotton is still looking amazing, but the fields are actually getting quite dry - boggy pools are now dry underfoot and we are anxiously watching our water supplies to make sure it keeps up with demand.  Having had late flowers last summer, I think we are going to have fast and furious flowers this summer.  The cliff edges are beginning to dry up, and some of the trees have already lost their freshness.

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