Saturday, 5 March 2016

Mad March days

Work continued at East and Middle this week, nearly at a conclusion. Roof repairs complete and some guttering sorted.  Work continued on the track between Treshnish and the road end too, whatever the weather.   The surface of the road has been dug up and re-laid, and ironed out with the roller.  We have to keep repairing the road, but the ironic thing is that when the surface is newly repaired all it seems to mean is that everyone drives far too fast - which leads to even more potholes!   

Of course the water would go off down at Haunn when Farmer was away on a course.  Thankfully though help was at hand, and thankfully we had a spare pump in stock and thankfully D, who happened to be feeding the sheep, was able to put it all together again, and by the time West's guests had come home from their day out, there was water, water everywhere again, and all was well. 

Several trips to Tobermory this week.  One was to do a Fuel Efficient Driver Training arranged by the Mull and Iona Sustainable Transport project and carried out by the Energy Savings Trust.  40 minutes is all it takes!  First you do a circuit, it was about 6 miles, as you normally would drive.  Except that you are driving a car you have never driven before!  Then you return to the start, and the instructor explains how you can improve.  Watching the Rev counter and changing gear accordingly, using the revs rather than the pedal when you can.  Then you do the circuit again, adopting this new way of driving.  It took 16 minutes this time, compared to 14 minutes the first time.  And I averaged 50mph the second time, compared to 45mph the first time.  

Another trip to Tobermory, this time for a meeting, yesterday morning meant a takeaway Latte (quite a treat if you live at Treshnish) and some beautiful blue skies.  

The blue skies stayed with us all day.

And gave us a glorious late afternoon rose light.

Farmer is taking surplus ewe hoggs to market on Tuesday as well as some eild (barren) ewes.  Some of them don't have the EID tags (electronic ID tags) so he needed to take the old tags out, and put the new ones in.  Each old tag number has to be recorded along with the replacement tag number, and this information kept in our sheep records.  Walter was keen to give a hand, but in the end Farmer got me to do the writing.

Finally, a brave Hare keeps coming into the garden which is lovely.   We are not seeing as many as previous years, and hope that it is only because they are being frightened off by the presence of Coco, that wild brown Labrodoodle, who now frequents the garden.  

So instead of a Mad March Hare here is a Mad March Farmer.  

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