Tuesday, 15 March 2016

24 hours of colour and light

8am Monday morning. School run dog walk. Calgary beach. 

6.20pm Monday afternoon. Late bus dog walk. Calgary beach. 

Sunset over Treshnish Point.

From the Treshnish farmhouse garden.

 The after glow of the sunset meets the beginning of the Aurora Borealis.

Aurora strengthens..

And I head to Croig!

The tide has never been high when I have photographed the Aurora here, and what an amazing difference it makes reflecting the light, and the colour.  There is a moon, and the lights from the house.  (I don't take lights with me, I work with what is there.)  All these images are unsaturated.

It is still.  I hear Whooper swans overhead, whooping.  The haunting and a little scary sounds of Seals calling.  Occasional Herons flying past.  The sound of the sea, and the rising tide encroaching.

Thank you Croig.  I have had a very magical time.

Calgary Bay on the way home.

From the house window at about 2am.

4.30am. Couldn't sleep in case I was missing something but it had clouded over. 

8am. School run dog walk. Calgary Beach. 

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