Thursday, 1 May 2014

The last evening of April

I can't believe April is over.  It has been a kind month compared to the very cold weather we had last year at this time.  

Lambing is into its third week.  We have 2 bottle fed lambs in the shelter next to the veg garden.  By the end of this week we hope that 75% of the ewes will have lambed.  Like all sheep farmers at this time of year, Farmer is existing on very little sleep and a lot of exercise.  Even the dogs are exhausted, particularly Cap who has been out every day on the hill. 

A has finished painting Shian and Duill now, and they look so good with the fresh coat of paint. 

Shian Cottage

I know I run the risk of boring followers to death with the sunset photographs I keep posting on Facebook and Twitter, but they are all so beautiful.  These photographs were all taken last night, the last evening of April.  I loved the strip of cloud along Coll and how it almost seems to be rainbow coloured. 

Good night April. 

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