Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunshine, showers and sunsets

Farmer suggested a family cycle ride at Cailiach Point.  Unfortunately his bike broken down, but we had a lovely time anyway. We walked over to the west side and looked back towards the Treshnish Isles and Treshnish Point.  We experienced sunshine, showers and rainbows.

I think we need a sign like this on our gates. We have had some trouble with groups walking through and not closing the gates properly.  A large group with a guide walked through the yard this morning, stopping as they do to gaze over at our life on their way past, and this summer, reading our walkers interpretation board!  Luckily we had seen them walking through so Farmer went to check the gates where the cows were after they had gone.  Sure enough the gate was not shut properly.

When we first came here, salmon were still being netted in this bay.  Not any more.  The netting station is in disrepair.  For Farmer's birthday one year, probably in 1996, we got a wild salmon from N, who said it would be one of the last he caught here as they were so few in number now.

This wonderful rainbow, with Ardnamurchan's Ben Hiant just showing through the red to the west of Glengorm.

The flat nose of the Treshnish Point, where I took the wild garden photographs from the other day.

The Treshnish Isles almost hovering above the sea.

Home, and the sunset unfolded wonderfully.

Until its grand finale.

Good night all.  Have a good week!
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