Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Missed the whale

Down below the Treshnish cottages this afternoon. 

Apologies for photo-heavy blogpost but I was so excited by what I was seeing, and wanted to upload the photographs as soon as I could.   I couldn't see beyond the flowers, especially the best ever show of bluebells and pignut in the field below the house. 

The sea was flat calm, as it was last night when we watched four tiny boats sail very very slowly into the bay as the sun was setting.

It was lovely to find the tiny forget-me-not, I am not sure which one it is though.

And the beginning of the endless red campion and bluebell series!

Drifts of common twayblade. They are so rewarding to find, because once you get your eye in, you suddenly see lots!

Silverweed on the shore.

The marsh marigolds are just going over, and the seed heads forming now.

Water Avens drooping!

Clusters of Butterwort, I found these very challenging to photograph.

The thrift is beginning to go over now too.

Sea Arrowgrass is another of my favourites.  It looks so ordinary until you look up close.

When I got back to the house, Farmer pointed out the minke whale I had missed when I was looking at the wild flowers. It was moving towards the beach.  In my excitement, changing the lens on my camera, I jammed the macro lens and damaged the camera body too.  I did enjoy seeing the whale.  Who needed a photograph of it anyway?

I won't write any more now - off to pack up camera and lens to send off for repair.

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