Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gooseberry bushes and sunsets

I found this gooseberry bush, self seeded behind the Recycling Shed - in the concrete base which was part of the old fank.

We managed to get Duill finished with an hour to spare before our first guests arrived.  It looks really good.  The sunroom gets the thumbs up from all of us, it catches the sun most of the day and is a great vantage point for watching birds on the lochan.  The sunroom is unheated (as the recycled windows are not current U value standard) but the cottage itself is warm and cosy now with all the additional wall insulation.

This willow is growing behind the Recycling Shed too.

Overcast but bright hazy days have given us muted sunsets. 

It was sad to find a dead sparrow hawk this morning.  It felt so light when I picked it up, hardly weighed a thing, very thin.  It was a juvenile male, its markings were so beautiful.

Farmer is planning to gather the hill ewes this week in preparation for lambing which starts in 3 weeks time. 

Larches flowering along the road near Langamull. Our larches are a little slower. 

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