Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Building sites and northern lights.

The building sites are fairly hectic.  But progress is being made!  

Overcast day looking over Calgary and Caliach Points.

One day of sunshine, and everything feels more spring like.

The sea was calm, but the rollers crashed energetically against the 'bathing pool' down below the house and the Treshnish Cottages.

I am no wildlife photographer and don't have a bird lens, this Golden Eagle was hovering about the garden yesterday for quite a long time.

This is not the Northern Lights, it is looking towards Tobermory again.   The long exposure and the cloud have picked up the glow from the street lights, we can't see them with the naked eye!

Duill sunroom cladding is going on.

The new window in Duill kitchen looks good and will give you another great view when cooking!

Duill kitchen is going in.

Shian kitchen has a lot of washing up to do.

Last night a faint Aurora Borealis over the garden wall.

Farmer is keen to fence these birches off from livestock.  There is little regeneration going on because the sheep and cows nibble any fresh shoots that appear.

A satellite overhead an even fainter aurora.

And finally some great drying weather!

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