Thursday, 13 March 2014

The new turf roof

Farmer has always wanted to build something with a turf roof.  We have planning permission for a lovely wooden cabin with a turf roof at the woodland edge - but unfortunately it has a condition on it which means we have to upgrade the junction onto the main road across land which does not belong to the farm.  So we have to sort all that out before we can commence the work!

We have now got a turf roof though on our newest self catering property - The Pollinator's Tower block.

Isn't it beautiful? Built by R who is helping us in the garden.  He has used 100% recycled materials, all sourced from sheds and corners of the farm.  A wonderfully low impact build!!

It will be interesting to watch and see what happens over the summer!

The first daffodils have emerged in the warm weather.

Landscaping is going well around the cottages - a bit of drainage, and some levelling to get finished before the gravel goes down.

I had to go to Glasgow earlier this week.  It was heartbreaking leaving Mull in such good weather.

But the view from the 18th floor of the Premier Inn was amazing.

The cladding on both cottages is finished now.  Duill kitchen is nearly finished.  The tiles in both sunrooms are laid.  It is beginning to feel like we are nearly there!

Farmer has been cleaning out the cattle shed. This is a job reliant on dry weather, otherwise you make a terrible mess running over soggy ground building the dung heap.  It was timely as it meant he could give his full attention to a cow who didnt seem very well.  She had an infection and also a bit of mastitis, which he has been treating under the vet's advice.  Tonight, she is looking better, eating and drinking normally.   Thank goodness.

The first primroses.

The first celandines appearing in sheltered spots in the Black Park.   With the hares in the garden every morning, the longer days, the warmer air, and the birdsong, it really does feel as if spring is coming.  I am sure it will get cold again, it nearly always does, but this last few days has given us a taste of what is to come.  

As I write the hares have just chased across the garden again.  I want to try and get some photographs of them tomorrow morning.

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