Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A dog walk with curlew and heron

These two pet lambs are becoming great escape artists, but luckily they are easy to round up and point in the right direction again.

The hoggs were on the rampage as Cap decided Farmer wanted them to come on the dog walk as well.

There was an amazing crawing from the woodland.  A grating sound, quite primeval.  A heron.   Two took to the air appearing to chase each other.

The hares haven't been in the garden recently, though they have been in Prasad's.  This one was on its own.

This tree was felled in one of the storms over the winter.

The magnolia was beginning to flower, and as we walked through the wood, for the second time today we could hear the curlew calling.  Such a wonderful sound.

The grey skies cleared to give us some blue as the sun was setting.

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