Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A bit of history

The hens are laying really well at the moment, so we are giving away eggs by the dozen at the moment!

This is a piece of an old oar I found down by the boathouse. It is covered in leather which is secured by neat little rows of tiny copper pins. The previous owners of the farm owned the Treshnish Isles too, and used the slip down below the Treshnish cottages to bring their boats in and out of the water.  As they had sheep and sometimes cattle on the islands, they needed frequent access.  There is still the remains of the old winch down there.  It is one of my favourite destinations for a walk - we went back to retrieve this bit of Treshnish history before the tide took it out to sea.

This solitary hogg was watching me very carefully as I skirted past them to get to the larch near the house.

R, who has been helping in the garden, has planted some fish box gardens for the Haunn cottages.  I think they look great! Guests can help themselves to the herbs!

A walk along towards Port Haunn this afternoon.  The islands were shrouded in cloud.  A stiff wind was blowing.

We have had a cancellation for Duill for the week of June 20 - 27.  

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