Sunday, 27 October 2013

Walking Walter.

Walter, the new dog, waits by the gate.   Farmer is beginning to take Walter with him now. 

The light this morning - from cloud to sun in seconds.

And at lunchtime, the Coll ferry passes the point.

Calgary bay.

Walking the dogs. Down below the house.  Farmer needs to re-hang a gate so he can let the cows into the graveyard field.  The silage ground has greened up so he wants the cows to munch it down before the salt from winter storms blackens the green grass.

Fleeting clouds, bring rain and sun and rainbows.

The 'bathing pool'.

Looking towards Calgary.

Not many berries left for passing fieldfare, or waxwings even..

We walked back through the woodland, more of a scramble than a walk.  The wood, which was a garden once, is reverting to wild-ness.  Trees are falling over, and brambles spreading. You have to clamber over fallen trees, circumnavigate bramble patches and rotten bridges.

You can see the regeneration of the hazel coppice - in the cluster of young shoots coming up from the base.

Evening light.

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