Friday, 11 October 2013


By the time I finished the last blog post, I looked out of the window again and ended up staying up until nearly 2am taking a few more photographs.  When I finally went to bed, the light show seemed even stronger but at that point tiredness prevailed and I went to sleep with the northern lights playing their light tunes through the window.   What an amazing experience.   The skies are so unpolluted, it really gives us a good opportunity for star gazing and spotting the northern lights. 

Then we had a day of wild storms.

The surgical operation on the innards of the wind turbine were not wholly successful the other day, so a return trip yesterday to re-programme it again - but again unfortunately, it was unsuccessful.  It has now been switched off as the engineer has gone off to sing in the National MOD.  He will hopefully be back on Monday.

The rowan trees are beginning to thin out now.  The wind burned off quite a lot of leaf, and I did watch a hooded crow fly past the office window yesterday with a huge bunch of rowans in its beak.

Hazel nuts.

This morning dawned bright and clear, and beautifully still.  One of those very magical days.

I found this duck in the garden.

 And this hoverfly was at Calgary. Loch Cuin was mirror calm this afternoon.

It is the Mull Rally this weekend, and my occasional forays away from the farm this week have seen a build up of cars and campers.  The roads quite busy at night as the teams recce the routes.   They will all be relieved about the weather as the forecast is good.

Farmer finished his 3 day spraying course.  And passed his exams.  Next year he will go and spend some time spraying the garden escape cotoneaster that threatens the Slender Scotch Burnet Moth habitat near Kilninian.

The cows came in for blood testing this week as we are trying to establish whether we are free of certain cattle viruses.  At the same time, Farmer was able to treat them against ticks and fluke by injection. This evening they were all spread out in the Black Park field grazing happily as the sun was setting.

These lovely animals are our new heifers.  They will arrive on the farm in a months time.  We quarantine new animals on to the farm to make sure they settle in okay before joining the rest of the herd or flock.

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