Wednesday, 16 October 2013

An autumn break

The weather is being to turn today. It is windier and overcast, though there is still no sign of rain. 

I had errands to do yesterday which took me along Loch na Keal.  It was so clear you could see the houses on Iona from just beyond Ulva Ferry.

Farmer was at home with an equally long list of tasks, including spiking the silage areas so that when it rains again the ground where the wheels have compacted the soil, will drain better.  That is the hope any way.

Last night I was hoping for more northern lights, as the forecast was good. A faint but lovely glow was all I saw.  We are really so lucky here that there is no light pollution. The moon was strong and the stars were bright so I wandered around, whilst everyone else was asleep, practising my night time photographs.

Farmer and his family are taking a break tomorrow, but will be back soon.  We have an army of different helpers looking after sheep and cows, dogs, hens, cats and cottages.
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