Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The moon, the stars and the aurora borealis - and Walter

As mentioned in a previous blog, we were waiting for a new helper to arrive.  Well here he is.  Walter. 10 months old, a Beardie cross, whose owner has retired and Walter needed a good home to go to, where he would be worked.

The clear cloudless skies of the last few days have given way to these beauties.  This was at about 6pm on my way to collect Daughter from the celebrations in Dervaig, post Mull Rally.

I had time to stop on the beach and I am so glad I did.  I have been missing my school run walks.  I will have to do better.

Then alerted to the aurora forecast, I kept a look out.   The moon was really bright.  I have not done moon light photographs before.

At the Ensay road end.

And then further down towards Calgary.

It was so still and quiet. I could hear the waves gently rolling against the rocky shoreline below.  The stags were roaring in different parts of the hill above, and I could picture the wars being played out as the stronger stags chase off the younger ones, and fight their equals. The moon was bright, occasionally going behind the cloud, which cast shadow on the ground.

A perfect night.

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