Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The restoration of the lochan

Boarding is put up, ready for cement.

Concerned for this gull's nest, so we moved it, to higher, drier ground as once the repaired dam began to fill up this would be under water.  

James carried the ready mix up the hill in his dumper, and then used the digger bucket to fill the mould.

Leave to harden off.

Traces of peat underneath, before it begins to refill.

Securing the over-flow, which threatened, initially, to float.

Job done. Repairing this has been something the Farmer has wanted to do for years and years.

It begins to fill.

And fill.

Not long before mallards are back.

The gulls have stayed put in their usual haunts throughout the repair works, so we are hopeful that they are breeding as normal.  We have seen the occasional nest, at the far end of the lochan.  We don't take the dogs up there at the moment, and quite often hear their alarm call and lots of diving and mobbing as if protecting themselves from predators of sorts.

An exciting project to have completed, and I will post photographs from now on as and when things start developing.

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