Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Never seen so many.

Farmer was looking in a far corner of the Black Park today, to bring in a ewe which had been left behind during his gather.  Thank goodness he did.  He found a patch of fragrant orchids like I have never seen before! This evening he showed them to me. We could smell their delicate scent before we saw them. I had spent ALL day in the office, and can now see the surface of the desk, so this was a great reward.  So beautiful.

Toechtamhor is not far away as the hen harrier flies.

The cheviots have been put through the fank today. Jamie came to help.  He has been off gathering for other farmers nearby but the timing all worked fine and so they worked away together at them this afternoon.   There is a shortage of independent farm helpers (those with dogs for gathering!) around this end of the island, and with the finances of farming  the way it is, not many young folk want to go into this sort of work.  The lambs are growing well now, and the memory of lambing and that dreadful weather is far behind us now.

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