Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Beltane and the Bull; leaping lambs, patches of primroses with wall to wall sunshine

Been catching up with what has been happening whilst I was away. Lots of lambs everywhere, and now 3 bottle reared ones. (called Kitcat, Shortbread and Twix - guess the theme this year?)

Today is May 1st. Beltane. The day the bull goes out. Hard to keep up with him along the track as he ran to meet up with the cows.

Here he is re-acquainting himself with the cows.

The calves, his calves, are more interested in the dogs sitting on the buggy on the other side of the fence.

Wood anemone.

Jan and Cap playing in a primrose filled gully, above the landslip on the north side of the Point.

Looking north.

Primroses in foreground with Rum in the distance.

Farmer securing the gate open so the cattle can range the fields.

Love these violets.

Marsh marigolds.

More primroses.

The cheviots down by the boathouse, a good place for watching out for otters.

No not triplets. Somebody else's lamb following a set of twins!

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