Thursday, 24 May 2012

Celebrating the spring

It is difficult to be indoors when the weather is this good. So please excuse the light on words blog this week!

On the farm, Jamie has been helping with the field work, and cleaning out the cattle shed. This saves Farmer's back, which does not like the tractor at all. Next week, the in-bye ewes and lambs will come in for marking. Planning dates for shearing hoggs and eild ewes. (those who did not have lambs). We expect the eild numbers to be higher this year, as although the ewes were in good condition in January, the winter has been hard on them.

Leaves are just beginning to show on the sycamores round the farmhouse. Sometimes at this time of year we can have strong winds, but the forecast for the next week or so is pretty good and calm, and so we are hoping the blossom on the apple trees is safe.

Burns are running dry.

Wild flowers are moving from 'spring' into summer, with bog cotton, common orchid, early purple orchid, birds foot trefoil, milkwort, lousewort, butterwort, flag iris and water avens. We are still enjoying huge clumps of king cup though!

In the garden the comfrey is attracting lots of bees.

On a walk to the Sitheans the other night, we disturbed a snipe - and found this where it had lifted up from. Don't know if this was plundered or whether the young had fledged. (hopefully the latter). I have been hearing lots of snipe drumming near our house.

Bluebells still strong.

Silvery sun.

A broody hen in my flowerpot.

We found the remains of a curlew on the hill. Feathers everywhere. I know it is Nature doing its thing, but it had been attacked by something bigger than itself and it was sad to think we had lost one of 'our' curlews. I so love seeing them and hearing them. I was surprised by the length of its beak.

Time to get the rotovator out.

Farmer and I took off to Lochaline yesterday to meet some friends for a delicious lunch at the Whitehouse. Sensibly they have a special 2 course lunch deal! Prince Edward was also visiting Lochaline and this was his reception committee.

Away with the camo look, and welcome to the beacon look. A replacement 'buggy'. Will be easier to spot Farmer now!

The cockerel.

Lots of water avens at the side of the burn by the house.

I can hear Farmer calling the cows. Someone had left a gate open so they were in the Haunn cottages gardens this morning.

And these 3 are getting more difficult for one person to feed on their own. Need 3 hands.


Common orchid.

The Park dyke.

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