Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sea thrift, rotten teeth, bluebells and full tummies

The in-bye ewes finished lambing quite quickly, and the hill ewes don't seem to have produced any lambs for a few days now, so Jamie has started coming every other day, and in between Farmer is getting out with Cap and Jan to check the hill for trouble in between Jamie's visits. We are still having pretty good (i.e dry) weather, but it hasn't warmed up, so the grass has not really started to come yet. At this time of year, in a season like this, Farmer wishes he didn't have the Cheviots and the Zwartbles on the in-bye as they are munching grass which the cows could be eating! With the SRDP grazing management in place, it is a question of juggling the grazing to make sure there is enough grass for everyone as well as meeting the criteria contained in the management agreement so that we are keeping on the right side of the law, as it were.

For those of you who haven't done the stunning Treshnish headland walk, this open sided enclosure (above) is at the bottom of the path leading down from the Wooden Gate just beyond the Haunn Cottages. It is a useful place to leave a ewe and her lamb if you need to keep an eye on them. You can put a hurdle across the front easily enough and then you have got a wee pen ready to use.

If you are squeamish you may want to look away from the next photo - fish skull found at Port Haunn, showing a fine set of fine teeth.

It has been a while since we have dropped down onto sea level at Port Haunn, to check out the driftwood and sit in the sun a while. It was lovely to see that some anonymous walkers have been gathering up some of the plastic on the beach, and hiding it from further winds in another stone enclosure. Gone are the days when beach combing meant lovely worn wooden fishboxes.

Looking down to Gometra.

Looking over to Tiree.

Rock rose.

And towards Gometra again.

No 216. The calves are growing well.

Full tummies for the lambs.

Through the Atlantic Hazel woodland. Looking for fungus. Finding bluebells.

And wood anemone.

And water avens.

Clever upcycling. Nut store.

Glorious bluebells.

And Cap enjoying a day off.

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