Thursday, 26 April 2012

Absent with leave whilst lambing continues

I am guilty of abandoning the homestead during lambing. It was all arranged some time ago, with Farmer's full support and backing. Mobile phones mean that I have been kept in regular contact with Daughter and the trials of pet lambs being fostered on to new mums, but thankfully there are now 2 pet lambs to occupy the caring/looking after requirement of being a Farmer's Daughter.

I did manage to pick up a few useful farming/crofting tips whilst away to redeem myself - alternative uses of drainpipes and fenced fanks in corners of croft fields, feed your sheep so much they are easy to catch at lambing time as they will walk right up to you. Photographing tin sheds raised a few eyebrows and led to some interesting conversations. One or two photographs I didn't take, as I confess to being wary of barking dogs circling the car. I was told that Lewis collies don't bite! And I was frequently mobbed by sheep thinking I was going to feed them.

I have also been kept up to date with the exciting news that we have a pair of barn owls at Haunn. Prasad has good advice about keeping a distance so as not to disturb them.

It is my last night tonight, I get the ferry home tomorrow. I am in Castlebay, in a single hotel bedroom overlooking the dustbins, but it does seem to catch the internet signal so I am not complaining. Late afternoon, having spent most of the day in the car, I had 2 hours on my favourite beach, in full sun, watching gannets and terns. Bliss.

Stone enclosures, Isle of Lewis

Scarecrow (scarehen?), Isle of Lewis

Beachcombed rope fencing, Isle of Bernera

Tin shed detail, Isle of Harris

Stockinish harbour, Isle of Harris

Murdo MacLean & Sons, Stornoway

The Bays, Isle of Harris

Feeding station, Isle of Harris

Geocrab, Isle of Harris

Name the Band, Isle of Lewis

Use whatever you can find to fence the fank, Isle of Lewis

And the garden, Isle of Lewis

Near Tolsta, Isle of Lewis

'Isle of Rust' (Jonathon Meades)

Scarecrow, Isle of Great Bernera

More creative fencing, Isle of Lewis

A feeder, Isle of Lewis

More feeders, Isle of Lewis

Highland Lewis.

Another feeder, Bosta, Isle of Bernera

Last years peats, Isle of Lewis

Wall, Port Ness, Isle of Lewis

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