Thursday, 30 June 2011

Scores of wild flowers including the exotic Marsh Cinquefoil.

Evening sun, Beyond Haunn.

Fragrant orchids, Treshnish Islands.

On Tuesday the Mull and Iona Ranger Service held a wild flower walk here, funded by Scotland's Islands. It was a lovely sunny day, and great to be out in the Haunn field and Black Park again looking at the glorious changing carpet of colours at our feet. The huge specimen of Northern Marsh orchid was still flowering beautifully, and close it the exotic looking Marsh Cinquefoil which I had not seen before.

The evening before, we went to the beyond Haunn field to look at a large and dense patch of fragrant orchid near the cliffs at the southern end of the Point. They were stunning but alas, as is the way of things sometime, a pesky group of cheviots have managed to get into the field so the numbers of sweet smelling and (presumably) tasting fragrants are diminishing.

I make no apology for the number of photographs of these beautiful plants.

We are off at end of school today (lunchtime) to Edinburgh as tomorrow Farmer takes part in the Riding Procession as one of Argyll's Local Heros. Those of you who know him will know what a reluctant hero he is! I will try and blog about it before Daughter and I disappear off to Barra on Saturday at lunchtime but I may not have time.

And again.

This week we have five cottages filled with returning guests - four have all holidayed here at the same time previously, it is lovely to see everyone recognising, remembering, greeting each other again. The fifth guests were here last in 1971, and they brought some photographs of Shian and Duill from that visit. A few changes (improvements) since then!

Evening sunlight over the Point. Looking out at Tiree.

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