Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Highland Show

Farmer and family went off to the Highland Show this week. We had not been since Daughter was 4 years old and had got her hand caught in an Edinburgh taxi door.

We left after school and caught a calm 5.10pm ferry to Lochaline. There was very little traffic and Glen Coe looked completely stunning. Bright sunlight and high in the sky white clouds casting shadows on steep scree slopes, this landscape is more beautiful every time we pass through it. Stopped at the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum for something to eat - busy, friendly and a good way to produce food - good provenance of where it comes from, good attitude towards staff so everyone is responsible and responsive, and on top of all the right ethical noises the food is fast, fresh, real and tasty!

The Highland Show needs no words really and anyway I am embarrassed. So I will let the pictures tell the story and will write again soon.

Spink's from Arbroath smoking their fish in the open air at the Show. Smelt wonderful.

Behind the scenes in the Sheep pens.

Pure Zwartbles.

Border Leicesters with their rabbit like ears.

Balliemeanoch box of tricks.

A less posh box of tricks.

Receiving the RSPB Nature of Farming (Scottish) Award.


Aberdeen Angus and wheelbarrow.

Impressive beeswax cup cakes from the Bee Tent.

Dorset Downs (I think).

Red Bull (in the sheep pens).

In the Show Ring.

Daughter's new favourite. Hampshire Downs.


And the unpreened Tig stayed at home.

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