Wednesday, 15 June 2011

For the love of flowers

This photograph was taken out of Daughters bedroom window. Look at the dead leafed trees - difficult to believe it is June. I love the way the tups sit with 'Seabone' (by Matt Baker) as if it were one of them.

Watching the woodchip. At this time of year we use very little, so deliveries are few and far between. The fuel store has to be levelled to ensure that all the chip is used before new is tipped in on top.

Fragrant orchid, bird's foot trefoil and common milkwort.


It is a dreich day today, cloud is low and air is damp (and at times wet!). Water drops cling to grasses, gently blowing in the wind. Walking the dogs to Haunn this morning was an absolute delight.

Fragrant orchids

Birdsfoot trefoil

Not sure if this is early purple or northern marsh - think it is the latter.

Tiny white star shaped petals

Yellow rattle
Greater Butterfly orchid

These photographs were either taken in the Black Park or in the Haunn Field. The latter is not being cut for silage this year, but we are keeping the stock out of here to allow all these flowers to safely set their seed.
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