Saturday, 2 July 2011

Farmer is our Local Hero.

Farmer was nominated as Mike Russell's Local Hero after his (heroic) cycle ride from school to school in May. Local Heros are invited to participate in the Riding Procession at the opening of the new session of Parliament. This was a great day. I felt very moved and proud.

We were very well looked after - Michael Russell (our MSP, and Education Minister) and his wife Cathleen gave us a wonderful guided tour round the Parliament Building and introduced us to many people.

I don't have time to write much about it as it is 2 in the morning and I have to pack for Barra! So here are some pictures and I am sorry I can't write more just now.

At the Start. ARSN and Section 2 badges

Waiting for the off.

Here comes integrity or was it compassion?

More waiting.

Dollar Academy Pipe Band

Crowds line street in places. Residents lean out of windows.

Lunch for 1200 plus.


Looking out from Ministerial Offices.

With First Minister Alec Salmond and Education Minister Michael Russell
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