Saturday, 30 July 2011

Q. How large is a Zwartble brain? A. Alot smaller than his ears.

One of the Farmer's summer jobs is to scythe the thistles, after they have flowered but before they seed. This year with the sciatica problem, the thistles have won and the seed is set.

Last year's pet lamb Brownie has been causing problems this last fortnight. He has started looking at the grass on the other side of the fence, despite the deep and lush grass on his side. He pokes his head through the square rylock stock fence, and then doesn't think to reverse his head out again, but stays there - stuck - until someone hears him bleating. It is a completely unnecessary action as the field has plenty of grass, but thankfully none of the rest of the gimmers or wedders seem to need to do the same (thankfully). However it causes great concern amongst guests and passers-by and he is frequently being rescued.

This years pet lamb Charlie is only slightly less troublesome. Whilst we were away on Barra he developed the need to headbutt humans in the leg or foot, and 'jump up' like a dog. We have turfed him into the field of gimmers and wedders now so he can learn to be more sheep-normal.

Matt Baker's Seabone - grassy view.

At Killiechronan yesterday, children riding on the beach.

The first perfect Grass of Parnassus in Black Park.

And carpets of Bog Asphodel.

The perfect combination of Wood Sage and Harebell. We have had lots of communication re the RSPB Nature of Farming Awards this week. Mentions on Twitter, on Facebook, in the Scottish Farmer, and lots of kind comments and pledges to vote for us from guests and friends which is much appreciated!

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