Thursday, 4 August 2011

Silage making and sand faces

Creative children make shell faces in the sand.

Deep purple seedheads.

The scent of Rosa Rugosa so pungent on an early August evening. Cutting the silage transports us into a new season. Despite the hot summers day, to make silage moves us swiftly into autumn, the season for gathering in, as we begin to store feed for the cattle in the winter.

Barnacles and limpets.

This is where you park your car, if you can find a ditch free space, when the beach car park is full Calgary. An indicator of good beach weather.

The weather forecast was not that great. But actual weather has been alot greater. One miserable 'its all over' day on Sunday but since then it has been wonderful. Even spent time on the beach! We could get used to this.

Farmer's back is still pretty bad, and the cocktail of pain relief makes for still more entertaining chat. We are really grateful for all the help we have been getting from friends and neighbours - today the shearers are coming to shear the sheep, and all the gathering has been done by the Contractors in preparation. Our other helper has been busy making the silage - every stage of the process - cutting, turning, baling and wrapping. It is only a small field, behind Shian and Duill, but has produced a good number of bales.

Watching brave swimmers cross the Cuin Sound.
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