Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hundreds and hundreds of them. Awe-inspiring.

There are areas of Skoma field, near Haunn, with literally hundreds of Field Gentian. We have found one or two or a few more before, but never in the incredible number that Prasad found yesterday. Field Gentian are on the Threatened Species list. They open their sky blue flower when the sun warms them up. It had been raining hard today so they were tightly furled when I first got there. This field has not been grazed for several months and the Field Gentian are growing where the sheep love to sit! (and munch).

The grazing regime is paying off. Devils Bit Scabious flowering in fluttery carpets, blue heads dangling and swaying in the breeze, like a wild sketch of blue dots hovering above the grasses. This is an essential plant for the survival of the Marsh Fritillary as they feed on the leaves of the Scabious in March. In March there was no sign of this abundance, which tonight was really awe-inspiring.

I feel so lucky having spent an hour in the late afternoon early evening, wandering through these 2 magical sights.

We have been told that the voting is pretty close in the RSPB Nature of Farming Awards, and we are very touched by the response from past guests, friends, neighbours, islanders, people we don't know, and everyone else who has been supporting us, and asking everyone they know to vote. Having said that.. please keep up the good work!! It is not over yet! (And again, thank you.) This is the link to the RSPB website where you can vote.

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