Thursday, 29 April 2010

A bit of sunshine

A mother has been found for Little Bill.  When Farmer was out on the hill this morning he found a gimmer whose lamb had just died and brought her back to the farm so that she could take on Bill instead.  So they are together now in a pen in the cattle shed, whilst he remembers his true instinctive behaviour - and learning that humans are not the principle food source any more.  Farmer will keep an eye on them to make sure a bond is formed before they go out to join the rest of the flock.

We found a huge patch of wood anemone in the Haunn field, lifting their delicate faces to the sun this afternoon.   Celandine and violets in good number too but not as many this.  This field is not grazed again until later in the summer so the summer flowers can go to seed in peace.

Tig on the beach at Calgary.
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