Monday, 26 April 2010

Lambs and snakes

Below are Blackster and Brian with their surrogate mum.  Brian is growing well, but Blackster is not thriving.  Cause for concern there.  Our neighbour has since given Daughter a lamb to rear of her own.  This lamb is a bit special.  He is brown.  (so he is named Brownie).  He is a son of Bill the Zwartble tup who lives in the field on the other side of the Ensay burn, and grunts and grumbles at you as you pass - in a friendly sort of a way.  His mother is a Cheviot.  (pic of Brownie to follow).

Lambing is busy.  Farmer is still out long hours, tramping the hill with his lambing bag.  One or two losses inevitably and some satisfying successes.  

And there are some exotic birds at Calgary Bay - I didn't see them but did enjoy a walk on the sands and admiring Treshnish Headland (left) from afar.  It does you good to walk the beach.  There was no one else on it.  Very low tides, and faint ripples on water as blue skies tried hard to open up the clouds, like heavy curtains allowing a promise of light through their folds.  

Farmer came across an adder whilst doing the school run.  He spied it dead on the main road at the top of Burg.  He brought it home and it looked surprisingly alive, its colours were so fresh.   He said he did do a double take before he picked it up in case it wasn't really dead.  Look away now if you dont like snakes.  It is now safely pickling away in a jar.

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