Saturday, 1 May 2010

A rare visitor to the garden

The larger bird to the left of the one of the Treshnish hanging feeder is a female Hawfinch.   We noticed her whilst enjoying a sunny lunchtime yesterday.  They are quite unusual here - according to Prasad (see his blog), only 14 records in Argyll since 1953.  But there was one seen last year at Calgary so perhaps it is the same bird.  There have been a pair of Goldfinches on the table as well and they are so pretty.

Lambing continues. Luckily no more orphans to date.  Little Bill and his new mother are still indoors. She is a gimmer and takes fright whenever Farmer goes near, so it is difficult to see how they are really bonding but he doesn't bleat as he might have, had he been hungry - so fingers crossed all is well there.   Cold weather is forecast for the weekend, which will be a bit of a shock for the newborn lambs after yesterdays warm day.

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