Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Case studies and animal behaviour

Richard from On Site Generation Ltd emailed me today to tell me that we have been included in a Energy Savings Trust Case Study re planning issues for wind turbines.   Their website is a useful information source for renewables and energy saving ideas, and if you are thinking of putting up a turbine their Planning Pack could be very helpful.

Calgary Beach on an early spring afternoon.

Changes afoot with the cows...The bull came home on Sunday from his stay at Killiechronan with the dairy heifers. Farmer took him out onto the hill above Toechtamhor to join the cows and this years calves.  We have 2 lots of heifers - the older ones (now 2 years old) are called 'bulling heifers', which means they are old enough to breed from - so they have joined the grown ups.   The younger ones (born last year) are with the 2 older cows who won't go to the bull this season.  Now these 2 older cows were the dominant females, and the rest of the herd are left to adapt and form a new order.   Usually the cows will range over the gentle slopes above the Haunn Cottages - enjoying the young grasses coming in sheltered places, but always within range of the feeding station in case Farmer arrives with some additional ration.  At the moment however, they are over by the hill park fence as they seem to know the others are within hearing distance - calling out to them.  It will take a few days before the new order shakes into place.    The younger heifers and older cows will go to the graveyard field once the grass comes on a bit.  There are straight rows of daffodils in this field, left over from a scheme in the 1970's called the Hebridean Bulb Venture.

And lambs.  Lots of lambs.  Brownie and Brian seem always to be hungry and call out to anyone who walks past their pen, made of recycled pallets.  Brownie dances when he is drinking - as above.
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