Thursday, 22 June 2017

Wild flower hunt

In preparation for the National Meadows Day walk here next weekend, I took a wander through the Black Park this morning to see what I could see.

Fragrant orchid, Northern marsh orchid, hybridised NMO, Greater butterfly orchid, Lady's bedstraw, Wood sage, Bog asphodel, Marsh lousewort, Pignut, Bog cotton,  Buttercup, Germander speedwell,  Eyebright,  Bluebell, Tormentil, Thyme, Burnet rose, Birds foot trefoil, Heath pea, White clover, Red clover, Common spotted orchid, Heath spotted orchid, St Johns wort, Yellow rattle, Field daisy, Heath bedstraw, Bog myrtle, Gale.  I saw a Chimney sweeper moth, and several Small heath butterflies.

Farmer has been cutting bracken and soft rushes in the field by the house.

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