Saturday, 3 June 2017

30DaysWild - day two

30 Days Wild - Day two

I didn't walk on Treshnish yesterdays as we spent a blissful day on the Isle of Ulva.

These Columbines were growing wild on the window sill of an abandoned house we passed on the way.  Nettles and bramble tendrils weaving their way through the rotten windows, and upstairs Cotoneaster growing round the empty window opening.

Cotoneaster is a problem plant for the nearby Slender Scotch Burnet moth colony. The (possibly bird sown) cotoneaster garden escape thriving on the cliffs beyond Traigh na Cille are blocking out the natural habitat for the beautiful and rare day time flying moths.  Butterfly Conservation Scotland organise volunteers to go and cut it back, dig it out.  If it can grow in an old building, it can grow anywhere... :-(

Daisy fields at Torloisk on our way to Ulva Ferry.

We went looking for tawny owls we had heard were around, but didn't see them.

Boys run wild on Ulva.

A bed of Flag Iris with Ben More in the background. 

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