Thursday, 3 November 2016

Back to work

Farmer and family have been away on holiday.  The sun and sand variety.  Pedalos and sea urchins, tapas and turquoise waters.  The sun was hot, the breeze had a chill to it, and the sea was warm.  We had a lovely time.

We stayed in a village in the hills, with the sea below and mountains behind.  A kilometre walk down through narrow village streets and olive groves to a cove to swim.

The village shop had an amazing selection of fruit and veg outside and was open late into the evening.

A local Sunday market.

Some very nifty precision parking by Farmer - decades of reversing tractors pay off.

A seaside menu.

Three sunbathing fishermen on a Sunday afternoon. 

And all too soon, time to close the shutters and come home.

It is nice to remember on the way home that Oban can be colourful too.

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