Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tattie holidays

It is always a bonus to have good weather, but especially as the days get shorter and we move towards winter.  It has been magical!  Traditionally the October holidays were the 'tattie holidays' as families would go and help farmers pick the annual crop of potatoes.  I can remember doing it as a child in Angus!   It was an amazing sight to see the lines of pickers bent double hawking potatoes into their baskets.

Have you ever stopped to walk into the Druids field and look at the cup markings on this?  It's not far from here, and we can point you in the right direction!

I know this isn't as big as the Old Man Of Hoy.. but I call it the Old Man of Ensay as it is near Ensay port.

Farmer has been taking advantage of the good weather, and getting all his sheep work done.   The tups (rams) have had a check over, a bit of a foot trim and medicine if required.   They need to be in peak condition for their winter task is about to begin again.

The ewe hoggs we are keeping for breeding have come into the cattle shed to learn how to feed.  It seems nuts, but the ewes do not automatically know that the lovely lamb pellet or ewe nut in the trough in front of them is actually for them to eat.  They have to learn.   Usually you put a few older ewes in to the pens with them so the ewe hoggs can copy them.   They are very skittish when they first go into the shed, not used to being inside, and not used to close contact with Farmer and his dogs.  It is much easier looking after them indoors - they are going to get caught in brambles!

Flocks of Fieldfare have been seen this week at Calgary, and Prasad has seen some here, so I expect we will lose all the Rowan berries soon.  I always hope the rowans will last long enough to attract some Waxwings as I have never seen one!

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