Monday, 1 February 2016

Up a gear

Storm Henry.  My journey home from a food trail meeting in Craignure was slowed down by a limb from a Scots Pine over the road at Penmore.  Within minutes several chainsaw bearing neighbours had appeared and the road was cleared.

Wild.  Almost too wild to walk in.

Hens hiding from Henry.

I wanted to walk down to Dun Haunn but was also a little frightened by just how difficult it was to walk face on into the wind.

I waited for Farmer to finish taking the old cooker out of West Cottage, and together with J & A we walked to the edge of the field beyond Haunn.  The waves were so much bigger than the other day.  We couldn't have walked down to where we were on Friday, as the waves were breaking over where we had been standing.  My camera got salty enough as it was at this height. 

Leaning, weightless, into the wind.

Where we were standing on Friday..

Sunshine. The power in the water was simply awesome.

 Off to collect Daughter from the school bus at Calgary.   The bay was dwarfed by the waves.

The storm is still raging now, but by midnight, if xcweather is correct, the wind speed will have dropped to 70mph gusts, and by 3am it will hopefully be back to around 60mph, which means I might get some sleep!

We have been lucky so far.  Fingers crossed we all are, and it stays that way.

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