Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Storm with no wind

Storm Imogen hit further south than us, and gave us our first sunny day in a long time. The day had a soft beginning, with baby blue sea and pastel clouds - and a rainbow over the Point!

The hens enjoyed the sun as much as we did. 

Down below the house, the waves breaking into the Bathing Pool were dramatic, from these beautiful rolling breakers.

Farmer's new friends ventured out today in the sunshine.  I am not sure I really understand turkeys yet.  These are Norfolk Bronzes and his feathers have an amazing metallic sheen. 

Sheep update.  The ewes are all back on the hill.  The cast tups have been sold, and the others dont stray far from the gate where Farmer appears to feed them.  The hoggs are in the cattle shed.  As the weather gets better Farmer will think about letting them out onto the hill again.  Probably after Scanning which is the next big thing in the sheep year.

Haunn update.  Middle is ready for me to hang the pictures!   East is waiting for the builders to finish the bathroom wall panels.   AMcK comes back to start painting very soon.

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