Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Scanning time again

I went to Skye for the weekend.  We passed feral Goats at Shiel on the way there. 

There was snow on the Cuillin. 

We came home via the Kingairloch road and saw feral Goats again. 

Farmer stayed at home because the scanner was coming to scan the ewes and he needed to get everything ready and gather the hill.  By Sunday evening, I was home again and he had all the ewes in the right places, except for 10 naughty ones who managed to escape being gathered. 

The tups were enjoying the morning sun in Scoma field, roused by the sound of the quad bike, and the rustle of the (feed) bag. 

The Cheviots and Zwartbles were in the Haunn field. Happy to follow the snacker in circles looking for the nuts it drops in neat piles on the ground. 

The weather has been dry and cold and sunny.  The dog walk on the beach this morning was beautiful, there were snow showers and there was even a rainbow. 

Hooded crows and gulls follow Farmer whilst the older ewes are fed in front of the farmhouse.   It appears the Hoodies are thinking about pairing up.  A lot of displaying and flying around in a big gang.  They can do such damage at lambing time, I have mixed feelings about them.

The scanner arrived after 2pm.  The sun was still shining.

It was all over in a couple of hours, and our percentage was up on last year, so we are pleased with that - just got to ensure they maintain good health and nutrition between now and lambing.  

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